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0810 Out in Toluca Lake
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Demi Lovato
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membru din 7 ianuarie 2010

HaNah MoNtana


Comentarii album • 2
Hannah / Miley 11 februarie 2011  
Hi I'm Hannah...Better says,Miley ! I'm so exsited...I talk to you my fans but...I'm sorry I can't understand you say in romanian cuz I'm not from there...Look...My ID is and always be secret..Sorry guys...But I can't see all the people has say : THIS IS HANNAH'S ID and NO,THIS IS HANNAH'S ID...I can't try to give you my ID I'm so sorry for that ! OK let's try again...I love my fans...Better says I love all the people : Bad guys,Good guys..Cum I'm not a bad person !!!I'm not smoking,I have no drog I not speak bad !!! I am an simple girl with double life ! The true is : I am not happy all the time ! Listen to me : I have...not all the time but I have bad moments in my job ! But that's nothing ! I love all the pople,and see ya ! If you see an other comment from HANNAH MONTANA,don't be silly,belive it's me ! See ya ! I love all ! TTYL !
TecnaMusaBloom 23 aprilie 2010  
nu miley hannah
Către: crezy

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